The ADRN is a UK-wide partnership between universities and national statistics agencies. It aims to help trusted, accredited researchers carry out social and economic research on administrative data. The researchers can be government departments, academics or from the third sector. The ADRN has 4 Administrative Data Research Centres (ADRCs), one in each UK country:

  • England: led by University of Southampton
  • Northern Ireland: led by Queen’s University Belfast
  • Scotland: led by University of Edinburgh
  • Wales: led by Swansea University

These are supported by the Administrative Data Service, led by the University of Essex, and the ADRN Board, which reports to parliament. We are a partner in the delivery of the Administrative Data Research Centre for England (ADRC-E). The other partners are University College London, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, the Institute of Fiscal Studies, and the Institute of Education. We contribute by:

  • securely indexing, matching and linking administrative data for approved research purposes
  • providing a secure environment for researchers to access de-identified linked data, along with facilities in Southampton and London
  • making sure outputs from the secure environment don’t reveal personal or confidential information

Protecting personal and sensitive information is paramount, we have extensive procedures to make sure we do this.

For more information, visit the ADRC-E website, or email

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