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23 September 2016

A small error occurred in Blue Book Time Series dataset due to a processing error. We have corrected this error. You can see all previous versions of this data on the previous versions page. We apologise for any inconvenience. This error effects 2015 annual data only and does not impact any publication tables, charts and commentary shown in the Blue Book publication. The affected series are KKD5, KKD7, KKE5, KKE7, KKE9, KKF3, KKF5, KKF7, KKF9, KKG3, KKG5, KKG7, KKG9, KKH3, KKH5, KKH7, KKH9, KKI3, KKI5, KKI9, KKJ3, KKK3, KKK5, KKK7, KKK9, KKL3, KKL9, KKM3, KKM5, KKM7, KKM9, KKN5, KKN9, KKO3, KKO5, KKO9, KKP3 and associated aggregates within the time series dataset.


30 September 2016

Following a quality review it has been identified that the methodology used to estimate elements of purchased software within gross fixed capital formation (GFCF) has led to some double counting from 1997 onwards. When this issue is amended in The Blue Book 2017 it will reduce the level of GFCF across the period by around 1.1% per year. The average impact on quarter-on-quarter GFCF growth is negative 0.02% and the average impact on quarter-on-quarter GDP growth is 0.00%.
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Emma Howley
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28 July 2016
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October 2017
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Records and describes economic activity in the United Kingdom and as such is used by government, banks, academics and industries to formulate the economic and social policies and monitor the economic progress of the United Kingdom.

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