• relates to the four personal well-being measures collected on the Annual Population Survey (APS)

  • sample size of approximately 158,000

  • these statistics were designated National statistics from the April 2013 to March 2014 dataset onwards (April 2014)

  • uses data from the Labour Force Survey (LFS) combined from 2 waves, with data collected on a local sample boost

The Annual Population Survey (APS) is a continuous household survey. Estimates are collected for different geographic areas and countries within the UK. People’s views about their own well-being are collected, as well as estimates for important demographic characteristics such as age, sex, and ethnic group. The analysis focuses on aspects that are important for measuring national well-being, including personal relationships, health and employment.

These personal well-being estimates complement existing socio-economic indicators; this allows us to present more detailed estimates of the nation's well-being.

The uses of personal well-being data are varied, but the 4 main uses are:

  1. overall monitoring of national well-being

  2. use in policy making

  3. international comparisons

  4. allowing individuals to make informed decisions about their lives

As the APS has the largest coverage of any household survey in the UK statistics can be generated for small geographical areas. As well as comparing different sub-groups of the population, policy-makers are able to target policies at groups or areas with the highest need in terms of personal well-being.

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